Michelle Roberts, Ph.D.

Dr. Michelle Roberts is a licensed psychotherapist, author, researcher and professor. She offers state-licensed psilocybin facilitation and maintains a private practice where she provides psychotherapy, consultation, and supervision. Michelle practices from an orientation based on Resilience-Informed Therapy, which applies research on trauma recovery to form a strength-based trauma treatment model that includes Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), somatic (body-centered) psychology with an emphasis on applied polyvagal theory, mindfulness-based therapies, and relational psychotherapy. She specializes in the treatment of complex relational trauma and co-occurring disorders.

Michelle has studied relational trauma for the past 25 years, first as an award-winning journalist and now as one of the nation’s leading researchers and clinicians focused on the modern epidemic of narcissistic abuse. Her seminal research illustrates the stark correlation between romantic involvement with a dark personality and a woman’s early life experiences. Michelle completed her doctorate in clinical mental health counseling at the University of Missouri in St. Louis, where she also teaches psychopathology and diagnosis as adjunct faculty. She holds master’s degrees in education from UMSL and journalism from Northwestern University.

In addition to her journalism career, Michelle served as the executive director of Bravely, a residential program for women with histories of trauma and addiction. She was a founding director of one of the nation’s first non-profits dedicated to health literacy, as well as the author of several books designed to help people manage their mental health for the Institute for Healthcare Advancement in Irvine, Calif. Michelle holds a license to practice psychotherapy in Missouri and Oregon.

  • PhD, University of Missouri, St. Louis, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • MEd, University of Missouri, St. Louis, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • MSJ, Northwestern University, Journalism
  • BA, Arizona State University, Journalism
Portland, Oregon


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"Michelle was very warm, understanding, and courteous. I really felt comfortable opening up to her and trusting her to assist in my journey. The integration session with Michelle was one of my favorite parts of the experience, which really helped put the journey into perspective and taught me a lot. This was a fantastic experience and Dr. Roberts was a great facilitator."

— S.C.

"When I found myself stuck after years of therapy, Dr. Roberts guided me through a psilocybin journey that shifted my entire perspective on healing and growth. In addition to her extensive training, she possesses a rare gift for navigating the complexities of trauma with grace and wisdom. She held the space for me with such care, skill, and compassion."

— L.O.

"When difficult material arose during my psilocybin experience, Dr. Roberts was there, guiding me through with unwavering support and insight. She helped me not only move through those challenging moments but also to integrate the profound lessons that emerged."

— S.W.

"Dr. Roberts possesses a rare gift for understanding the deep intersection of trauma and healing. Her expertise in navigating these complex emotional landscapes is unparalleled. During my psilocybin journey, she skillfully held space for me as I delved into difficult material, gently guiding me through the shadows with compassion and wisdom."

— K.S.