Group psilocybin retreats

An Odyssey retreat is an immersive, all-inclusive 4-day experience designed to maximize the benefits of psilocybin. Enjoy the comfort and serenity of a beautiful, natural setting and rest assured knowing our team of licensed facilitators is here to support you every step of the way. While your psilocybin journey will be inwardly focused, sharing the retreat experience with a group can be a unique opportunity to lean into the joyous and connective aspects of psilocybin.
In September 2023, Odyssey made history by running the first-ever legal psilocybin retreat in the US.

What's included

4-day, all-inclusive retreat
An immersive 4-day retreat at our beautiful retreat center, with each day curated to ensure you have the most transformative experience possible. All retreat costs (meals, lodging, etc.) included.
Group Psilocybin journey
Guided psilocybin journey at a licensed facility with professional facilitators.
High-quality psilocybin
Our psilocybin is sourced locally from licensed manufacturers, ensuring its quality, potency, and allowing for precise dosing.
Engage in individual and group preparation and integration processes professionally designed to ensure you get the most out of your experience.
Private chef
Delicious, healthy meals  by our private chef provided throughout the weekend.
Enjoy spacious, comfortable accommodations surrounded by stunning natural scenery at our one-of-a-kind retreat center.

The Odyssey experience

1. Exploratory call
This is an opportunity for us to connect, learn more about your background and intentions for a psilocybin experience, and to answer any questions you may have.
2. Application and health screening
Safety is our highest priority, and it starts with a thorough screening process. Stanford and Harvard-trained psychiatrists helped design our screening process and review applications.
3. Fit call
If everything looks good to our screening team, we'll connect you to our retreat leader to finalize the intake process.
Receive your preparation package and plan your journey to Oregon.


Intentional preparation is essential to maximizing the benefits of a psychedelic experience. We recommend taking time and space to deeply reflect on your intentions and core reasons for undertaking this journey. We’ll provide a comprehensive package of resources to support you in this process.

4-day Retreat

We’ll pick you up from the Redmond airport and its a short drive to the retreat center. Settle in, get a feel for the space, and start meeting others in your group. The retreat will open in the afternoon with a comprehensive suite of programming to help you best prepare for your upcoming journey.
Service center for psilocybin services in Oregon
Today is the psilocybin experience itself. In the morning, we’ll travel as a group to a nearby licensed service center. Everything about the experience, including the space, atmosphere, and music, have been carefully selected to ensure your safety and deepen and enhance the psychedelic experience.
The day after a journey is a special one. Imagine the feeling of returning from a grand adventure, filled with fresh insights and well-earned wisdom. Enjoy a day of reflection and sharing, with activities designed to harness the post-journey neural plasticity and begin the process of integration. The retreat will close the following morning, allowing you ample time to travel home.


Your Odyssey doesn’t end with the journey. An intentional integration process is as important, if not more important than the psychedelic experience itself. We’ll provide a comprehensive package of resources to support you in this process. Integration is essential for transforming the insights and understandings from your journey into lasting, sustainable positive change in your life.

Retreat venue

Enjoy spacious, comfortable accommodations surrounded by stunning natural scenery at our one-of-a-kind retreat center in beautiful Bend, Oregon

service center

On the journey day, we’ll travel to a nearby, licensed service center for the psilocybin session, as required by state regulations.
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Healthcare: August 15-18, 2024
Odyssey’s inaugural retreat focused on serving healthcare clinicians.
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End-of-life: Sept 19-22, 2024
Odyssey’s inaugural retreat serving those facing end-of-life distress.
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