Our Team

An exceptional facilitator is one of the most important elements of a safe and effective guided psilocybin experience. It’s essential for you to feel completely safe, comfortable, and at ease throughout. You should trust, at a deep level, that this person is supporting your process because they have your best interests at heart.

Odyssey’s facilitators are carefully selected based on their background, experience, training, and approach. We look first and foremost for facilitators with a strong, warm, compassionate, and wise presence. We’re proud to say that our team is highly professional, deeply passionate, and exceptionally skilled at what they do.

Highly vetted
Each facilitator on our team has been intentionally selected according to carefully considered criteria. We've interview dozens of facilitators from around the state and chosen only a select few.
Odyssey’s facilitators embody high levels of purposeful expertise, and include some of the most experienced and well-trained in the state of Oregon.

the family test
Before bringing on any facilitator at Odyssey, we ask ourselves, “Would we send a close family member to work with this person?” We aim for the answer for every one of our facilitators to always be a resounding “Yes!”

Meet our professionals

Aaron Donne
Aaron is a graduate from the Air Force Academy and has a unique blend of strength, wisdom, and a deep kindness that makes him exceptionally skilled at this work. He is one of the most experienced psilocybin facilitators and retreat leaders in the state.
Michelle Roberts, Ph.D.
Dr. Michelle Roberts is a licensed psychotherapist, author, researcher and professor. She specializes in the treatment of complex relational trauma and co-occurring disorders, having served hundreds of women in her private practice and engaging with thousands more through her research.
Alex Kenyon
Alex is a licensed psilocybin facilitator, intuitive counselor, and domestic violence and sexual assault prevention advocate in Ashland, Oregon. Shaped by nearly a decade in various mental health and human service agencies, her approach to facilitation is trauma-informed, person-centered, and highly attuned.
Brian Pilecki, Ph.D.
Dr. Brian Pilecki is a clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of such anxiety disorders as OCD, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, and panic disorder, in addition to trauma and PTSD and matters related to the use of psychedelics.
Frank Larson, M.D.
Frank is a licensed psilocybin facilitator who believes we all can achieve wholeness and inner freedom. With his medical career, he’s skilled at listening for the nuances that make each individual unique, and he uses this expertise to help the psilocybin traveler in their journey toward true transformation.
John-Paul Crowe
JP is a licensed psilocybin facilitator whose practice is informed by a mindfulness-based approach to facilitation work. He has an open-hearted style, providing a calm environment and a non-judgmental presence, which allows for deep and transformational experiences.