Alex Kenyon

I’m Alex, a Licensed Psilocybin Facilitator and Certified Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Advocate in the state of Oregon. I am a highly sensitive and deeply feeling person who knows pain, knows suffering, and knows the difference. Although healing is a messy and often times uncomfortable process, it can also be filled with humor and many moments of joy. Proper support is key. As a trauma-informed and client-centered facilitator, my general approach is one of curiosity, connection, and unconditional acceptance. I believe my role as facilitator is to provide a safe, open, and reflective environment that supports the flourishing of your innate wisdom. I am passionate about the transformative power of relationships and believe that the facilitator-client dynamic plays a significant role in meaningful outcomes. My professional background includes working with children in the foster care system, families affected by substance abuse, and survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. All of which have contributed profound meaning to my life and shaped my approach to healing.

I welcome people of all genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, ages, cultures, sizes, socioeconomic status’, religious beliefs, & political views into my practice with an understanding that diversity appreciation is necessary in creating healthy, harmonious ecosystems. I am fortunate to receive ongoing guidance and training from seasoned mentors, teachers, and leaders in the psychedelic and mental health fields. And I will forever be a student of ancient wisdom traditions, modern science, the plants themselves, and my family (my greatest teachers). I look forward to our work together.

  • B.A., Contemplative Psychology: Naropa University
  • Psilocybin Facilitator Certification: Entheogen Institute
Ashland, Oregon


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“Alex exhibits a rare balance of heart and mind. She is exquisitely attuned and compassionate, which allows for a deep heart-to-heart connection. She is also incredibly wise, with a wealth of knowledge in clinical paradigm, symbolism, archetypes, and much more. Alex’s beautiful and strong presence is what gave me the courage to go through with the initiation into the entheogenic realms. My deepest gratitude to her for one of the most meaningful and profound experiences of my life!”

— A.N. (Clinical Psychologist from New York)

“Having never used psilocybin, I was a bit wary and dubious about the journey that lay ahead. From the start, Alex made me feel way less anxious and a lot more hopeful that with intention and preparation on my part, the experience could be quite valuable. She was a wonderful guide on my journey, checking in with me to assist where I needed help, but not interfering or pushing me in one direction or another. Our integration sessions afterwards were invaluable in helping me understand, process and integrate the experience in my life as I move forward. She is an incredible person that is doing wonderful work. It’s hard to express how grateful I am for her.”

— C.R. (Mother of four from Colorado)

“I’m so grateful that I found Alex on my path towards trauma recovery. When we first got in touch, I had been struggling with varying amounts of anxiety and depression for about 15 years. Both of these had become particularly challenging in the year leading up to our initial interaction. I knew it was time for me to try psilocybin and see whether it could help me. However, I had some worries and a lot of anxiety going into it. As we talked, I felt that Alex was truly interested in me as a person. This made it easy for me to open up and share my concerns and my background. All of the worries I had were addressed, and Alex helped me to be as calm as possible while taking the mushrooms. I appreciated Alex’s knowledge of and respect for this medicine beyond the clinical training, because it allowed for my experience to feel more spiritual or ceremonial while still adhering to the regulations. The transformation I have had coming out of this is simply profound. I feel more myself than I have in a very long time; it’s as if I finally have the second chance at life thatI had been wishing for for years. I still have some amount of anxiety present and more processing to do, but I don’t feel stuck anymore and know that I will continue to heal.”

— H.S. (Software Engineer from Colorado)

“We had a wonderful experience with Alex Kenyon. She’s very personable and easy to talk to. She has the ability to meet you where you are and she made us feel very comfortable throughout process. We came out to Oregon from South Carolina in hopes of helping our son who has struggled with depression and anxiety since he was a teen. It has greatly impacted his life. We left after his experience not really knowing yet if it had helped him or not. Alex assured us that we would slowly start noticing changes in him and that over time those would lead to significant shifts. It has been about five months since our Oregon experience. I can honestly say this has transformed our son. He is doing so very well. We are so grateful! Thank you so very much to Alex and to all who have worked to make this available to those struggling with mental health issues. We wish them every blessing! It is truly life changing work.”

— D.S. (Mother from South Carolina)

"Alex was my guide for my first psilocybin experience. She was amazing! She went over everything with me, and put me at ease with our very first phone call. She not only told me what to expect and supported my preparation, she took the time to truly listen to what my goals and intentions were for traveling all the way from New England to a small Oregon town and have a psychedelic journey. I had some fear about how I would feel when not in control. I knew that I would need to relinquish any control in order to experience a healing journey, but I didn’t feel good about that part. I have suffered from anxiety off and on for most of my life. I was afraid of having a “bad trip” or panicking throughout the entire journey, Alex came up with a unique approach that worked wonderfully for me. She suggested having 2 journeys. The first would be at a lower dose to allow me to experience the sensations caused by the psilocybin. Then I would wait a couple of days and do a 2nd journey on a higher dose. This would allow me to be more open to the experience and less fearful. Additionally, I was given the option of taking booster doses both times, This gave me as much control as I could have in an uncontrollable experience. I had the most profound and most healing experience of my entire life. My biggest wound, the wound I carried from childhood, the wound that defined me, was healed. Entirely healed. While parts of my journeys were pleasant and beautiful, the healing occurred as I moved through the intense pain that I had carried all of my life. There were moments when it seemed I couldn’t stand a moment more. In those moments, she was there. She held my hand. She reminded me to breathe. She brought my journal over to me and showed me what I had written for intentions and showed me that they were being fulfilled right then and there. She was my anchor. Afterward, Alex helped me to process and integrate the experience. My life has been completely upended in such a beautiful way because of her compassion, expertise, and deep deep wisdom. I am beyond grateful that Alex was my guide through the entire process."

— J.O (Chaplain from Maine)

“I recently had the privilege of embarking on a psilocybin journey with Alex as my guide, and I must say, it was nothing short of extraordinary. From start to finish, Alex demonstrated an unparalleled level of support, empathy, and wisdom that truly enhanced the entire journey. From the initial stages of the experience, Alex took the time to understand my needs and aspirations, helping me define clear goals for what I hoped to achieve. Her guidance and encouragement put me at ease, allowing me to fully immerse myself in the process without any reservations. Throughout the experience, Alex’s empathy shone through, providing a safe and nurturing environment for exploration and self-discovery. She skillfully navigated the ups and downs of the journey, offering insightful perspectives and gentle reassurance whenever needed.

What truly set Alex apart was her wisdom and insight.  Her guidance extended beyond the experience itself, offering invaluable support during the integration process, ensuring that the lessons learned would continue to resonate long after the journey had ended. In retrospect, I can confidently say that this experience has been a transformative one, thanks in large part to the incredible guidance provided by Alex during the process.  For anyone seeking a deeply enriching and meaningful experience, I wholeheartedly recommend partnering with Alex.   Her support, empathy, and wisdom are sure to elevate your journey to new heights.”

— D.P. (Psychiatrist from Colorado)

"My journey, both with psilocybin and with Alex, offered me an opportunity to rekindle my connection with myself and embody, love, and honor all aspects of who I am. It offered me a second chance in life, and also presented a number of firsts in my experience – my first time feeling at peace with myself; my first time feeling free to live as I choose; my first time feeling truly seen and understood by another; and my first time knowing true beauty. My journey continues long after the magic of the day has faded, and I will forever be grateful for and in awe of my experience in Ashland.

As a facilitator, Alex is extraordinary. She is attuned, patient, curious, and cares deeply (and unconditionally) about each of her clients. As a human, Alex is the most kind, authentic, and humble person I have ever known. There is no one I would rather have had by my side, and I feel truly honored to have her as a part of my experience in life, and to be a part of hers. I do and will continue to encourage anyone who will listen to reach out to Alex in their search for a partner on their journey – she is much more than a facilitator, and she is exactly what I needed. Thank you, Alex."

— H.S. (Forest Ecologist from Oregon)

“Before meeting Alex, I had never engaged in therapy like this. Yet, from our first encounter, I knew she was the perfect guide for my journey. From that initial phone call, through every step of the experience, and beyond, Alex provided a haven of safety, support, and profound reflection that precisely matched the path I needed to traverse. Not a day passes without me pondering my journey and the integral role Alex played in it. I distinctly recall feeling a sense of familiarity upon meeting her, as if we had crossed paths before. Her presence exuded authenticity and safety, making me instantly comfortable. As I've shared with Alex, she has undoubtedly found her true calling. I eagerly anticipate embarking on further journeys with Alex and wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone I know. She is the guide they've been seeking.”

— E.F. (COO Tech Company from Colorado)

“Alex did a fantastic job of creating a safe space for me to explore some deep rooted trauma that I had repressed from my childhood. I have a difficult time understanding my own emotions and knowing what I need to feel comfortable and safe. Alex was keenly aware of this and stayed emotionally present with me throughout my entire experience, prompting me when I needed help and giving me space when I needed to process. I couldn't have asked for a better facilitator and I am forever grateful for the insights I gained in the experience.”

— N.C. (Software Engineer from Washington)