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Explore the benefits of psilocybin with a private experience tailored to your intentions, priorities, and preferences. Modeled after psychedelic therapy protocols used in clinical trials, a private experience with Odyssey includes over 14 hours of personalized support from an expert, licensed facilitator. Schedule your session at one of our premium licensed service centers at a time convenient for you.
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Benefits of a private experience

Receive over 14 hours of extensive support and guidance through preparation, navigation, and integration of your psilocybin experience. An Odyssey private session creates space for deep connection and trust to develop between you and your facilitator, leading to a strong therapeutic alliance. As your facilitator comes to know you deeply, their unwavering care and attention will ensure you feel comfortable, safe, and supported throughout.
Your Odyssey private session is designed to fully align with your preferences, intentions, and priorities. From our network of highly vetted facilitators, we’ll carefully select one uniquely suited to work with you. A beautiful, licensed service center provides an ideal setting for your session. From the precise dosing of psilocybin to the music selection, every detail of the experience is curated for you.

What’s included

Private Psilocybin journey at a beautiful, licensed facility
premier, lab tested, precisely dosed psilocybin
14-hours of 1:1 time with highly vetted licensed facilitator

The Odyssey experience

1. Exploratory call
This is an opportunity for us to connect, learn more about your background and intentions for a psilocybin experience, and to answer any questions you may have
2. Application and health screening
Safety is our highest priority, and it starts with a thorough screening process. Stanford and Harvard-trained psychiatrists helped design our screening process and review applications.
3. Fit call
If everything looks good to our screening team, we'll connect you with one of our licensed facilitators to explore working together. If the two of you feel good about moving forward after that, the next step is to book your session and begin preparation.
4. Plan your travel
Receive your preparation package, schedule your first preparation call with your facilitator, and plan your journey to the service center in Oregon!


If you pass the screening process, the next step is to begin mental preparation. This starts by getting clear on why you’re coming and what you’re hoping to get out of the experience. Deeply reflecting on this will help you get the most out of your experience. You’ll then have two hour-long 1:1 discussions with your facilitator who will further help you prepare for the upcoming experience.

oregon session

Travel to Oregon at least a day before your scheduled session. This will let you get settled and into the right mindset before your journey.
Service center for psilocybin services in Oregon
Travel to a licensed service center for the session. We work with centers in Bend, Portland and Ashland. The session itself will run approximately from 9:30am-6pm.
We highly encourage you to stay a full day after the session to rest and reflect. The session can be intense and racing immediately back to work can thwart the amount you get out of the experience. If your journey is on a Friday, we recommend arriving on Thursday and flying back on Sunday.


Your Odyssey doesn’t end with the journey. What you do with the newfound feelings and insights matters just as much, if not more, than the journey itself. We’ll help you get the most out of your experience to create enduring positive change. This consists of two more hour-long 1:1 sessions with your facilitator and a custom designed integration program.

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