John-Paul Crowe

My interest in psychedelics began in 2010, when we first started seeing a resurgence of research in this field. I could not ignore the potential these compounds show in helping with mental health and personal growth. My own intentional work with psychedelics has, over the years, played an important role in my growth and healing. It also inspired me to learn how to help others get the most out of their own work with psychedelics.

My natural curiosity about the human condition led me to study a BA Hons in Philosophy, with minors in Psychology and Literature. While this course of study was engaging, it ultimately left me unsatisfied. It was only when I discovered meditation, and delved into the rich history of this practice, that I found what I was looking for. The distinction here, and what I believe is so powerful about work with non-ordinary states of consciousness, is the difference between a direct felt experience versus engaging only at a conceptual level with a subject.  I have since developed a long-term meditation practice, which has been a great support in my life, and which I believe shows very promising synergies with psychedelic work.

Besides my work as a facilitator, I have a career as a Sustainability Consultant, having worked within the real estate, corporate and agricultural sectors for 14 years.  The overarching goal of this work is to help companies facilitate a transition to environmentally sustainable business practices. While this is important work, I find myself increasingly drawn to transformational facilitation and coaching, for individuals and groups. Yet I also see some parallels between the macro drive for systems-level change and the deeply personal transformations that are made possible with psychedelics. I look forward to the day when corporate teams feel comfortable seeking out psychedelic work as a tool for connection and transformation.

  • Sustainability Consultant: fourteen years’ experience across various industries
  • MPhil Environmental Science: University of Cape Town
  • BA Hons. Philosophy: Rhodes University
  • Psilocybin Facilitation Certification: InnerTrek
Bend, Oregon


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"I was curious to learn more about psilocybin as I had been experiencing increased anxiety in my life. JP did a really great job of explaining what to expect and how I could prepare. He listened to my concerns and showed a great amount of care and integrity during the whole process. The journey itself was both challenging and beautiful, and JP was attuned to my needs and was a comforting presence. The week following my session was surprisingly difficult and I felt so grateful to have JP’s support. He assured me that these difficulties were a part of the process and that I would see positive change. His support was invaluable, and I now feel much improved and excited about life for the first time in a long time."


JP was my facilitator for my psilocybin session and my experience working with him was fantastic. During my session JP encouraged me to let the medicine take me where it wanted to without fighting the experience. In his presence it was extremely easy for me to let go and experience what the medicine was showing me. JP’s persistent note taking was more than enough information to help me piece together the experience during the integration process. From intake to integration JP had a wonderful calming presence that is ideal for these types of experiences. I would for sure work with John Paul again in my future sessions.


JP has facilitated two of my medicine journeys and each time I felt very supported. He knew I was nervous to do this work and he was such a calming presence the entire time. It felt like he knew exactly what to say and when, as well as how to give me the quiet and space I needed throughout. I also found a lot of benefit in the prep and integration sessions, where he asked great questions to get me connected with my true intentions and then helped me as I unpacked all I learned. I would definitely recommend him as a facilitator.


JP provided a grounded and nurturing presence during my psilocybin journey. He possesses the ability to adapt to the complexities of the experience, and I felt very supported throughout. He is compassionately well-equipped to guide his clients throughout the journey and integration process.